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06DEC16 - At this rate, I may as well retire from collecting. But I do have some artwork to post in my Comic Book and Sketch pages. My Ex was nice and got me a sketch at the Rhode Island Comic Con she went with her boyfriend. She caught a local artist by the name of Joe Marhoffer and he did a sketch of Black Cat for me.


Ther was a local one that I went to last week in Waynesboro, PA called WINTER POP AND COMIC WONDERLAND. I was only able to go on Sunday which sucked. Out of the 5 featured artists, only 2 were there. I was able to get Steve Geiger to do a Dragon sketch, but not able to get a sketch from Rich Perotta due to timing. I want to apologize to Rich as I forgot to hit him up before leaving for the Dr. Strange Sketch he was selling. My son wanted to sit for a while and I lost track of time - I am such a dummas.


31MAY15 - Well, another long hiatus from the site. A lot has been happening the last several months and keeping me busy. I have moved to a different state and into a house with my girlfriend. It means a bit less time on the computer and more on setting up stuff and taking care of a house. Very much different from an apartment where free time is plentiful. I however do have some updates in the fantasy section. I have some artwork from Peter Mohrbacher and Scott Christian Sava.


24NOV14 - Another LOOOoooooooonnnnnnggggggg hiatus again between posts. I did get some awesome artwork by Richie Blackmon and Lauren Christenson Wright. I have even more artwork to post, but need to find the time to scan, catalog and then post. It has been hard to try to balance life and fun sometimes. I do need to catch up however on my stuff. With the pending holidays coming, it will only get harder. Have fun and check out the Fantasy section for the new artwork!


15JUL14 - WOW, just over a month and I have a new update! Added some new artwork to the Comics Section from Spunkyz-Toonz.


12JUN14 - I know it has been a while since my last update. I am still around and kicking, so don't you worry. I have picked up some new pieces from eBay recently. May be a while before I get more, but I will be updating the site the next couple week. I have some new artwork coming from Lauren Christenson Wright and a group of artists from Ed Benes Studios. So check back and review my Comic Book, Fantasy and Fairy pages!


23FEB14 - YEAH!!!!!!!!  Everyone is loaded and up on the Sketches link. Check out my newest 24 artists to grace my website.


22FEB14 - Finally getting over a freaking cold and can update this site. I have 24 new pieces of artwork in my sketch books. Yep, I used both sketch books as I wanted to get as many sketches as possible. I was able to get them from established artists, including a manga artist from Japan. Then my usually culprits of artists at the convention that are working to get established or have their own businesses. I even got some from a couple artists from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Stop back in a couple days or maybe I can get it up sooner. Just have to check back :^)


22JAN14 - Decided to get some new artwork for my apartment. I was happy to get all my pieces from Carolyn Watson-Dubisch on ebay. Out of the four pieces, 2 are dragons and the other 2 are sea life. I had gotten the sea life ones for my bathroom (sea horses and clown fish). Of the 2 dragons, I am sending one to a friend as it really suits him.


I am going to be at Katsucon and plan on hitting Artist Alley. I already reviewed who I could and have a map of what artists I am going to visit. Luckily there is one area of the floor that has a good saturation. I may just hit that, pay for the commissions and have them pass the sketch book around. Still not decided on that yet.


05JAN14 - I have been updating the site for the last several days. I just have the Comic Book page to review and update the links. I will have more artwork coming - though slowly - over the next few months. I have this and a couple other things going on that I need to keep on top of. So keep dropping by as I will update here as soon as something new comes in.




Well, it has been a crazy year for sure and apologize for taking a vacation from this site. I had to go offline a bit due to some major life changes (Separation and being the PR for my Dad's passing). I have bought many new pieces during my time away and have really missed doing this.


I will be hitting Katsucon in February for some needed time away from reality. Anime, cosplay, shopping and artwork - what could one ask for any more than this. I also decided as this was my first 'real' vacation in so long, it was going to be a blowout. I will be staying on property, so if you will be there, drop me an email. I am so much looking forward to seeing artists and cosplayers that I have interviewed.


SIDE NOTE: I have updated most of all these links before re-posting this site. If you find yourself on this site, please review your links. I want to insure that you get traffic to your links correctly!


25FEB13 - What a freaking loooooooong time to be away from posting on here. Hopefully you will get to see more on a regular basis, but here is my latest I just got in under my Comic Book section. Well, it is actually and anime, but there is manga showing the characters, so it goes under my comic book heading :^P


Jonathan Johnny - Comic Book




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